Try this Free Online .EML and .MSG File Viewer

There are basically two kinds of software on the internet: commercial, and supposedly free. Supposedly free software usually has some hidden costs to it, such as deprecated functionality, advertisements or some other hidden method for the publishers to recoup their investment.

Link to Encryptomatic online email viewer.
Free Online MSG / EML File Viewer

The same is true even with EML file viewer software. You get what you pay for, so to speak.

That’s why its nice to tell you about Message Viewer Online. It’s a completely free service for viewing EML and MSG email files. There’s not even any advertising. Just upload your email file, and you can view it in your web browser. File attachments can be downloaded to your computer.

While we don’t want to talk you out of buying EML Viewer Pro, we do want to solve your problem. We recognize that EML Viewer Pro is not always the right choice for everyone, especially if they only have a few messages to view. That’s where Message Viewer Online shines.

Give it a try! There’s no catch, no software to install, and it truly is free. If you like, and sometime down the road you need a eml file viewer with more capabilities, please think of us.