Our Mission

To provide solutions that make our customers’ lives more enjoyable, productive and secure

Our Vision

A safe world where everyone enjoys the freedom to communicate freely and securely.

Who We Are.

Encryptomatic LLC is a developer of customer-centric Microsoft Office solutions  like EmlViewer Pro that help our customers manage, archive, discover and convert their email content.

We are based in Fargo, ND, central to thousands of freshwater lakes brimming with Walleye, Bass,  and Northern Pike, where we enjoy outdoor sports, clean air, cold winters and short commutes.

We’ve been in business since 2005. Our site license clients include some of the world’s largest corporations and government agencies.

Our products utilizing strong encryption are classified as ECCN 5D992 and are authorized for export under ERN R104882. See our statement of export compliance.

Customization and Business Inquiries

Customization and white-boxing of our products is sometimes available. Our products can be adapted to a variety of unique or company-specific requirements. Please contact our sales department for more information at Sales@Encryptomatic.com