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View .Eml files with EML Viewer Pro

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EML Viewer Pro is the advanced viewer for managing your .eml files. Whether you have a directory with 1 or 10,000 Outlook Express .eml files, EML Viewer Pro lets you view, search, print, copy and export those files.
EML Viewer Pro main menu
With EML Viewer Pro, you can open .eml and .msg files, extract file attachments (pictures, documents, etc) from the email, search the message, select copy messages, browse them in an Outlook-like interface, and export to various formats.
EML Viewer Pro may be optionally installed as the default .eml file handler. Once installed, you can access the .eml file by simply clicking on it. It will open in EMLViewer Pro.
Special command line switches are available for administrators who need to silently install EMLViewer Pro, or who want to customize the GUI by removing certain features.


Extract or Open File Attachments from .EML Files

Eml Viewer Pro makes it easy to access file attachments in .eml files. By clicking on the attachment in EmlViewer, users can either run the attachment in its native application (i/e open a .zip file in WinZip, or .pdf file in Adobe Reader), or they can extract the file to a directory of their choice.
The "Message" tab shows you the email message, rendering full html or RTF detail, so you see how it appeared in the email client.
Eml Viewer Pro provides access to the internet header information.

Search Your .eml Files

Eml Viewer Pro lets you search a directory of .eml files, and then easily browse the files that meet your search criteria.

Search Dialog for .EML Viewer Pro

Custom Development and Redistribution License

Please contact our sales department if you have a special request or licensing need. Call us at +1-651-815-4902 x1.

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